Saturday, 28 March 2015

Evaluation 4

4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Evaluation 3

3. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

I have learnt a lot from audience feedback as the whole way through the process I have been getting feedback on my products, I have taken all feedback on board negative or positive and they all help you when your finding it difficult to make a decision. 

We collected feedback in lots of different ways such as asking people to fill out surveys to which font they liked best or to which name of the artist they preferred or even to which colour they like out of a selection. The way I normally produced these surveys were through a tally chart or even an on-line survey to which people filled out. The results always helped me in making my decision as your judgement may not always be correct and it helps to have another pair of eyes to look over your work. 

Another way of feedback of which we received was screening our product such as our music video, we received lots of criticisms throughout the screening process and through these our video only became stronger and better because other people were able to see problems we could not such as an artists performance not being strong enough in certain clips, however we always listened to these feedbacks and evidence to this is why we changed artist 2-3 times because the audience who was viewing our music video told us that the performance was no where near as good a the narrative so we listened and made drastic changes to our production and construction of the video.

I also received heavy feedback on my digi-pak/poster as I was not the best at using Photoshop this showed but the feedback I received help me improve on my skills and let me know what looked good and what did not.

One more way I received feedback was through the use of my teachers, every now and then they would sit and go through our work with us letting us know what we need and what was good and bad about our coursework and this whole conversation was filmed and put onto our blogs so that we could go back to them and use them to improve upon.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Evaluation 2

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

When I started to create the the music video, Digi-pak and poster I wanted to keep them all similar and very alike however as you can see my music video is very different to both my poster and digi-pak. I started off with the idea of making both the digi-pak and poster black and white with certain colour aspects standing out such as the reds in the different colours to connote a sense of danger or sex appeal, however while creating all three products I developed new ideas and changed my original plans, such as having all the music video in black and white and not just the narrative. I also changed from having hardly any colour in my poster and digi-pak to having lots of colour to fit the conventions of a female pop artist a little more, this is also more marketable to the teenage to early 20's age groups as this is my target audience that I need to sell my products to. 

The combination between my poster and digi-pak work really well due to the very quirky girlish feel to it due to the colour scheme and patterns used, I used light colours such as the nudes and pinks to show her personality, whilst referencing the album name 'Uncovered' meaning she is showing herself for what she is or letting us into her life. I feel the poster and digi-pak do a nice way of showing this, although the poster and digi-pak appear to have no link to the the music video in way of appearance, they link through the name of the album as the music video is inside the album and when you uncover the album an look inside you see something different to what is actually on the outside of the album. So through watching her video and listening to our artists song's you are uncovering her as a person. I felt this was a smart way of doing things and would work well and make people think and not just watch the video. 

Evaluation 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

At the start of this project we was all given the task of creating a music video, we created our own brief and as a group decided we wanted to create a pop artists which fit the normal conventions of a pop artist which was in the media today. What we came up with was a female artist named Isabel Beau. We used this name as we thought it was a pop star like name as it was quite catchy. We then had the hard choice of choosing a pop song for our artist, to me this had to be a song which was catchy but still had a strength to it such as the chorus, as we was looking for a song we saw the song Battlefield on YouTube and I thought it would be perfect for our artist, after most of us in the group agreed on this song we was able to think of lots of ideas for this music video due to the lyrics itself of the song. 

We then had to look at our artist a little more closely. Through choosing the genre pop we gained some codes and conventions for our artist, music video and anything else we produced for our artist. To find these codes and conventions of pop artist we had to look and research into present female pop artist who are about such as Pixie Lott, Ellie Goulding, Taylor Swift these artists are similar to what we was looking at for artist to be. From these artist we felt they all had a sense of innocence about them but also a sense of sex appeal too. 


One of the main factors when looking into conventions of a music video would be Andrew Goodwin's theory of conventions of a music video:

The first convention is that the video demonstrates typical genre characteristics, I believe our video does this but only to a certain extent, this is because our music video has a really strong narrative compared to the performance of the artist her self. This goes against Goodwin's first convention, as in normal female pop videos the performance is the strongest part as this is how the record labels sell the records or albums. Although it does not meet the convention in that way it still does follow certain aspects as the narrative and song itself are quite emotional as well as the performance. Other ways it fits this convention are the use of an attractive young women which will be found consistently throughout the genre of pop. As well in our music video the artist herself is wearing fashionable up to date trends which fit the convention of a pop music video. The only part we challenged with in the genre of a pop song was the use of black and white throughout, normally pop songs are filled with colour and lots of it however we felt it was better to have it in black and white adding a more elegant feel to the whole video and showing more emotion.   

The second convention Goodwin explains in his theory is the relationship between the lyrics and the video itself and I believe we followed this convention pretty well with the use of our strong narrative I think the song 'Battlefield' linked perfectly with the narrative as in the narrative I was trying to get the idea across that our artists younger self's home life is like a 'Battlefield' and she uses her dancing to try and escape this, so through the use of the image of her parents arguing I linked it with the line where she says 'Battlefield' to show the relationship between the two. Another time we did this was in the performance with the lyrics "tear us down" I had a shot of Jess sliding down the wall so I decided to add this in at this part which which meant that there was a relationship between the lyrics and visuals here also this part also showed pain because of the battle she was in during the song also referencing the song title. 


The third convention that Goodwin includes in his theory is the music having a relationship with the visuals this is done mainly through the editing side of things. In my music video I attempted to do this however it is limited such as when the pace of the music gets quicker I have attempted to add in more cuts to show the change in pace. I feel I accomplished this in certain places such as the first pick up in pace when I cut to a dance part and it flows perfectly and cuts on all the beats and I then also do it using the performance of Jess, cutting to a mixture of close ups and mid shots much quicker then I do in the rest of the song to show the change in pace. After this it does this less and is probably down to the fact that we changed our artist for the third time at such a late stage. 

The fourth convention of which is in Goodwin's theory is the use of close ups which is used by the record labels to promote the artist as they try to show the face of the artist as much as possible. They do this to gain fans for the artist as fans like to see the face of artist which they like. This normally works better with female pop artists as they are conventionally all very good looking and is how they promote there selves. Our artist is signed to Mercury Records which is a bigger more mainstream record company or 'Major' which meant we felt like we needed to include this convention as it probably a normal thing for this record label to do seeing as they already have artists such as Taylor Swift. We decided to follow this convention because of this and used lots of close up shots especially throughout the beginning, showing the audience who this new artist is. 

The fifth convention that we decided we was not going to follow was the voyeuristic treatment of the female body, we felt that we did not need to include this in our music video even though it is a major convention in today's modern music videos. We felt as if our song was a little more emotional and innocent and just the wrong song for using that convention in particular. I felt as if it would not fit the video effectively in the first place and however it could be said that through the use of some of the mid-shots that I included, Jess could be seen in a voyeuristic way because most of her body is in the shot.

The sixth and final convention is the use of an 'intertextual reference' I believe we followed this convention in our music video  as we combined to 'intertextual references' within our dancing scenes, using a first reference from 'Black Swan' the film of the dancing feet filming them from a close up angle using a steady cam. The second reference I took from Sia 'Elastic Heart' where the camera circles the dancing following it forward and backward which I also done when filming the dance scenes for the second time. 

Overall I feel our group matched and accepted most of the conventions of a pop music video however I fell we did challenge some but only to benefit our video to make it feel right for our artist and the song we chose. I feel the main thing we challenged which was the use of black and white throughout gives the video an edge which wouldn't have if the video was in colour.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Feedback on Final Cut

We had a little bit of feedback on the final cut of our music video, almost everyone said it was the best they had seen it so far, even though jess still did not fit the conventions of Pop star everyone still enjoyed it because her performance made up for this and made it that much better. Also people said that her performance got better as the song went on.

The other points people like was the fact the whole thing was now in black and white which gave a real elegant feel to the whole video and everyone agreed that the ending really works.

The only criticisms were that some of the shots were still to long but other than that it was a good music video.